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Winter What-Not-To-Do – Bethesda

            If you live in the Bethesda area or surrounding towns and need a landscaping maintenance service performed for your lawn and landscape, Landscaping Montgomery can help. We have the experience in lawn care as well as customer service to keep your lawn looking beautiful all year long.

There are lots of things that homeowners should do for their lawn and landscaping to keep them healthy into the winter. There are also a lot of things that they do that they should not do. Here are some things you should avoid doing this season.

Don’t over-manicure your lawn. It’s possible to cut too short and that can lead to expensive damage that impairs development. People often forget to do a once-over manicuring. Cut your lawn diagonally, reemphasizing the lines. This will lead to a lush appeal when spring returns. Don’t forget to water plants. Hedges, fruit trees, and shrubs need water during colder winter months. Don’t forget to use the correct plant fertilizer, also. These things could end up saving your lawn when spring comes back.

You can reach us at (301) 972-5681. Our landscaping professionals will help with all of your landscape maintenance needs to ensure that your lawn is taken care of properly. So, if you are in the Bethesda area and surrounding cities, call our office today for all of your landscape maintenance needs.

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